MinerLock Pay Per Sale/Download Platform

Pay Per Download

Almost as early as people learn to use the internet, they learn the usefulness of the ability to download files of various formats. Music, videos, games, etc., are downloaded daily around the world. These files originate from various content creators who deserve to be compensated for their efforts in creating these files, for enjoyment and […]

How does Pay Per Sale work?

There was a time when the idea of paying for goods or services with cryptocurrencies seemed farfetched at best. While it is not a universally accepted payment method at the time of writing, currencies such as Bitcoin have caught on to a massive degree. This remains true despite the massive fluctuations in their value. Many […]

Cryptocurrency Locker Explained

A cryptocurrency locker provides a medium for you to earn cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin for digital content you put online. Bitcoin’s technical details can be a bit challenging to understand, however, a good locker provider allows you to setup your Bitcoin locker with minimal effort. Don’t let a lack of technical knowledge about Bitcoin stop […]

Bitcoin Locker

Bitcoin has taken the world by storm as a means of trade. There are many facets of life today in which you can use Bitcoin to make payments. It is a convenient source of funding as it has great purchasing power, and it is exclusively available through secure online channels. This means that transactions are […]

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