Earn Bitcoin Uploading Files

Currently, there are lots of applications that will pay you with Bitcoin for every File you upload. This is a great help for you, most especially during this Covid-19 crisis, when people are not allowed to work outside.

Earning bitcoin is one of the optimum investments you can do in your life. But, some individuals don’t know where and how to start earning bitcoins. There are lots of things you can do, such as File uploading.

Uploading files is one of the things you can do to start earning Bitcoins. You can upload any content, including videos, photos, music, and e-books. In this post, we are going to provide you with three different software that you can use to earn bitcoin uploading files.

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This is a site that was launched on Public way back in January. It is an application that can be installed on your Android mobile phones. It gains lots of users from its launch. This is because this app enables their users to upload any files and start gaining Bitcoins when their files are liked and viewed. They can also earn an additional amount when the viewers follow their accounts.

In some cases, the website provides a promo that their users can get while opening a newsletter, logging into their account, and many others. Similar to the first app, you can withdraw your earned Bitcoin without a minimum payout amount. The users are being paid regularly. At this moment, the available formats you can use in this app are BMP, PNG, GIF, and JPEG or JPG.

As we read the Frequently Asked Questions section of the site, we concluded that their service comes with a unique paying scale depending upon the quality and amount of traffic. This is being graded regularly. The scale helps the site to pay their uploaders more than what other competitors do. This is because they believe that users that produce top-notch traffic deserve to gain more money.

If you are going to look at the payout structure of the File.Army, you can see that they come with 9 grades of pay. If you are a starter, you need to start at Corporal Grade. You can be demoted or promoted, varying upon the traffic quality you made.

At this grade, you can gain one US Dollar for every 4000 views. You can gain one US Dollar for 50 followers and another dollar for 100 likes you get. On the other hand, this stage comes with a cap of 2 US Dollars daily.

However, the maximum stage will enable you to gain one US Dollar for every five followers you made, another one US Dollar for every 50 likes your post gets, and one US Dollars for every 750 views you get. This stage is called the Emperor level and has a cap of 5000 US Dollars a day.

One con you may notice while using this software is that you can get your earnings, but the money should be sent to the official bitcoin wallet of File Army, which they labeled as Bitcoinwaller.com. The creator of this service the Price Givens is also the founder of File Army and the creator of other online businesses, such as Fiatleak.com

You can notice that their platform comes with a plain white background. You need to swipe right or left in viewing other posts.


This is one of the most popular applications that will enable you to upload animated gifs, short vids, and images. You can also publish these files with corresponding music that will play while it is being viewed by others. For every view that your uploaded File, as an uploader, can get an amount of Bitcoin.

According to its creator, this app was launched one year ago, and its Bitcoin feature is just a few days old. In addition to that, when you visit their official site, you can view more than ten thousand different posts coming from the various uploaders.

While we are reading the information they uploaded on their website, it is stated that they share 50 percent of their income with their users. For every bitcoin being earned by the user will be sent to their Bitcoin wallets automatically. One of the advantages you can get from using this app is that you can withdraw your earned Bitcoins without a minimum amount.

The website also stated that the number of earnings you will have will always vary upon the geographical location of your viewers and the number of views. The team also clarified that you could get a higher amount of Bitcoin when your viewers are from Sweden compared with Somalia.

This is the only application that has quite similarities with Imgur, which is one of the most known websites in the world.


One of the oldest applications that use Bitcoin for paying the uploaded files is Supload. It has a description saying that it is a “free image hosting that splits the profits with you from advertising.” You can also notice that they provide services that are quite similar to what Imgur offers. This service also enables its users to upload different files, such as vids and pics.

These days, the file type for images that they offer are gif, webp, png, and jpg. For videos, they support gif, avi, mov, webm, and mp/4. Keep in mind that your video should not exceed 30 seconds.

The said site pays its users for 50 percent of the total income they get from the advertisements they posted on their website. Compared with the other applications mentioned above, you need to withdraw your earned money with a minimum amount of one US Dollar.


Most of you don’t have work because of the coronavirus pandemic. You may be considering to earn Bitcoin upload files. This is super easy to perform and will not take most of your time. Not all individuals are aware that Bitcoin is one of the great investments you can do. Aside from uploading files, there are lots of ways you can do to earn Bitcoins.

If you have Bitcoin, you can use it in shopping. When shopping with Bitcoins, it will enable you to earn your bitcoin amount. You may be wondering how it works. Well, you can increase your bitcoin with the help of the cash-back services, such as Lolli.

But, uploading files on your trusted Bitcoin site is the best way for you to earn Bitcoin. You only need extra time and effort to make it work. So, if you are planning to earn Bitcoin, start uploading your created files now on the applications we mentioned above.

Make Bitcoin for Every Product

For those who don’t know anything about Bitcoin yet, it is one of the digital assets or cryptocurrency that is making its name online. Most traders considered it as an electronic combination of gold and money. Similar to cash, you can spend Bitcoin. The advantage you can get from using it is that Bitcoin can hold a high amount of value, which is the same as gold.

But, even though Bitcoin can be used as cash or has a value of gold, keep in mind that it is still a form of a digital asset.

Selling anything as an exchange for bitcoin can be done easily. Some people think it is hard, but the truth is it isn’t. The fact that it features a decentralized nature, you can ensure that your bitcoin making can be done seamlessly and conveniently.

For those individuals who are looking for ways to follow to make Bitcoin, then this post is right for you. In this article, we are going to provide you with the information you need to know to make bitcoin for every product.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Before we dive into the main section of this article, let us know more about what Bitcoin is.

What is Bitcoin?

When we say bitcoin, we are referring to a digital asset or one of the different types of cryptocurrencies. It is usually abbreviated as BTC. As mentioned earlier, it works like cash but has a value of gold. But, it is still a digital asset you can use for everything. This is a coin that has been created gradually until it gets its maximum amount of 21 million.

You can collect each coin. This only means that you can also spend and trade it as if you are using aa real money. There is a decrease in the value of every coin being created each time. This only means that you still need to wait a few decades to create a few coins.

When someone is talking about trading, selling, or even buying a bitcoin, they are mainly talking about the Bitcoin coins and not the Bitcoin network. Everything that affects the popularity of Bitcoin coins is because of its network.

This is also a cryptocurrency created by a group of people or someone whose name is Satoshi Nakamoto. Up to this day, no one knows the real personality or identity of Bitcoin’s creator.

Getting Started

In order for you to make bitcoin, the first thing you need to have is a product you want to sell. You may consider selling your commissioned artworks, old baseball card collection, or even exclusive content. There are lots of services you can access to sell your products for bitcoin easily and quickly. You don’t also need to went through a tedious and time-consuming sign-up process. Aside from that, you are not required to share your entire personal details.

The next thing you need to consider is the type of cryptocurrency you want to receive. There are lots of available cryptocurrencies, but we recommend you to opt for Bitcoin.

It’s Time To Create Your Shop

To make bitcoin for every product, you need to have a website first that you will be using in selling your products. How your site will sell the product as an exchange for crypto will always depend upon what your site is selling.

If you are a content creator or a blogger, you may consider putting a crypto paywall that will enable your viewers to have full access to your newly uploaded content. If you are selling computer parts, you need to have a payment gateway that will enable the crypto payment processes easily. Make sure that the gateway is compatible with the traditional currencies and current channels.

On the other hand, if you are selling different products, you may consider linking it to the cryptocurrency market account. You might also sell it directly with the use of a business wallet. Despite the product you are going to sell, the following are the services and sites that will help you a lot in getting started.


When you visit the Openbazaar official site, you can see lots of online marketplaces for free, and This will enable the different users to create their store page. Aside from that, the users are free to sell the products they want to make a Bitcoin or any other types of cryptocurrency.

The said site is decentralized and free. The online sellers are capable of picking the type of crypto they want to get paid, such as zcash, litecoin, bitcoin core, and bitcoin cash.


For those soon-to-be online merchants who are searching to create a cryptocurrency paywall for their site, we recommend you to use the satoshiwall. This site is a non-custodial and quick solution. You can use this site even though you don’t have an account on it. This only means that you can paste your BCH wallet address, post your product, and pick your preferred cryptocurrency. After that, you can now share your page link with your followers and fans.

The KISS Principle

The KISS principle stands for Keep It Stupid Simple or Keep It Simple, Stupid. If you want to make bitcoin for every product, you need to keep this principle in your mind. This has a great role in why you can earn bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies. A new type of money was created after the privacy-invasive legacy and complex financial protocol. This helps to have a direct, refreshing, and clean peer-to-peer e-cash transactions without the need for a middleman or meddling company.

For those who are not interested in using the solutions we have mentioned above, you can still make bitcoin for every product. You need to have the BCH wallet and address to start selling your stuff. That is one of the things that you will love about Bitcoin. All you need to do is to copy and paste the address, and you can now request the funds.

In addition to that, there is a newly launched marketplace that you can use to create BCH payments. The local.bitcoin.com is a trading site that can be used in directing web traffic to the items you are selling. This is also an easy-to-follow option.

Whatever your choice is, bitcoin is all about economic freedom. This only means that everyone is allowed to join its group. Whether you are included in an exclusive group or big corporation, then you are free to trade Bitcoin and other cryptos easily and conveniently.


Bitcoin is one of the most trusted cryptocurrencies that you can trade. To earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies you prefer, you may consider selling products or content you have or created.

How to Sell Files for Bitcoin

Some of you think that selling anything, such as files, for Bitcoin is difficult. But the truth is, sell files for bitcoin can be done even by those beginners in the industry. It is not hard to perform since its low price of P2P electronic cash and the fact that it has a decentralized nature.

Well, if you want to sell files or anything for Bitcoin, then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to provide you with the things you need to know how to do it. So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading.

Selling digital products, such as eBooks, videos, music, or any files, cannot be touched tasted or held. There are lots of businessmen who are selling these intangible products. This is mainly because of its convenience of distribution and popularity.

One of the advantages that you can get from selling files for bitcoin is that you can make it for once and sell it to the numerous customers. Thus, selling digital products is popular for freelancers, educators, artists, and creatives who don’t have current work and are looking for work that requires less time and effort.

Different Apps You Can Use to Sell Files

If you are looking for an application you can use in making your virtual store for your digital files, consider using the following. Keep in mind that these tools will provide you with different works. So, make sure that you know your needs and requirements to pick the best one.

Sesami, Tipo or BookThatApp

The three mentioned applications are suitable to those business owners who only require a small group or person to person interaction. You can also use these apps when your customers need to book an appointment with you to purchase your files. One of the things that you will love with these apps is that they provide you with a free plan.

Bold Memberships or Sky Pilot

These two mentioned applications are perfect to those who want to create their own membership program. Each software will enable you to sell video streams and other files to your clients. Your customer should have their own account for them to access the files they have purchased from your account.


This is a type of digital download delivery software. If we are going to compare it with the other apps out there, you may notice that FetchApp doesn’t have more advanced features. But, you will change your mind if we say that it provides a free plan. You can get a free 5 MB of disk storage. Aside from that, it will also enable you to attach several files to only one item.


This is an app that will help you to have a grown audience and enable you to make money to your expertise. This can be done easily. All you need to do is to have a Shopify store and add online courses into it. This software will enable you to make a course curriculum by uploading, dragging, and dropping your files. Similar to the other applications mentioned above, Thinkific also provides you with a free plan. This will enable you to make more than three courses.

Single Music

If you are planning to sell files containing your composed songs, then you may consider using the single music. It will act as a bridge that will fill the gap between the digital and physical music sales. Aside from that, it will help you to attach your music clips on your page. Your customers can purchase it using their crypto, such as Bitcoin.


If you want to sell files with complicated content, then you might consider the Sendowl software. This app will provide you with useful automation and high-end features, such as auto-generated license keys and expiring links that will give power to your files.

Digital Downloads

One of the applications being offered by Shopify for free is the Digital Downloads. This is the simplest and easiest app you can use in selling your digital items. When your client purchases your file, they can immediately download it.

Aside from the mentioned digital product delivery applications we have mentioned above, there are still other apps that will ensure that your files are protected and powered. The following are some of them;

Disable Right Click

When you are selling important files, you need to ensure their security. With the use of this app, your files will be protected against the thieves. This app will enable you to put a security passcode to your contents and other files. Thus, thieves cannot copy or save your files without you knowing.


If you are selling a file that contains delicate images, then you can protect it with the help of the Photolock application. This application will provide you with the entire security features you will need. These features are ranging from source code protection to watermarks.

Recurring Order and Subscription

This software is suitable for weekly subscriptions. This app will enable you to automate the digital subscriptions, invoices, and recurring orders for online programs or even memberships.

Varying upon the needs and requirements of your files, the mentioned software above helps incorporate your digital items to your store. The three mentioned apps will enable you to provide extra protection to the files you are selling.

Keep in mind that when you are selling your files in Shopify, make sure that you will uncheck the This is a Physical Product tab.


We cannot deny the fact that selling files and other digital products online is much easier than selling physical products. Your customers can pay you through their cryptocurrencies. Selling files can be sold as an exchange for Bitcoins.

Most of you are aware that Bitcoins are one of the leading cryptocurrencies that has a higher price rate exchange. There are different methods you can use in selling your files for bitcoin and earn more money. Whether you are a starter or an expert, this kind of business will help you a lot to be a successful man in the future.

Everyone can do this work – whether you are a student or an employee. Just make sure you are persistent and have background knowledge with this job.

Selling files only require a little amount of time and effort. You can do this even though you don’t have any experience in this selling industry. All you need to have is patience and perseverance. So, are you now ready to become one of the successful individuals in the world? Then start to sell files for Bitcoin. You will not regret even a thing when you consider this as your work.

Share Files and Earn Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are one of the most talked topics in every discussion by many individuals around the globe. It cannot be denied that there are lots of stories showing that many people become a millionaire instantly. At the same time, some individuals have lost thousands of money, hoping that they will be the next instant millionaire.

So, if you want to earn cryptocurrency without the threat of losing money, then you need to read and understand this post. The main role of this article is to educate those individuals who want to make money through using a cryptocurrency.

How to Earn Cryptocurrency

One of the main reasons why you are here, reading this guide, is to know more about cryptocurrency investment. This is digital money that is known to be exchangeable and immutable. Aside from that, some experts say that it is a non-manipulable and hard to operate money.

Some professionals also stated that the different types of cryptocurrencies would replace the Dollar, Euro, and other physical money. As a result, people start learning ways on how to earn cryptocurrencies.

Aside from that, there are lots of other reasons why you need to invest in cryptocurrencies. These are the following:

  • You know the technology being used behind it
  • You are pro to the social vision that is working behind the cryptocurrency, which will make people around the world earn an amount easily
  • You want to increase or save your net-worth against the possible decrease of the Dollar imperium. This is one of the situations considered by many individuals as inevitable.

On the other hand, there are also other articles saying that investing in cryptocurrency is a wrong move. There are lots of people who considered themselves as FOMO or fear of missing out. But you can lose your money in investing in the cryptocurrencies when you don’t understand what a cryptocurrency is all about. In connection with that, learning and understanding what crypto all about are always important before investing.

During the first few years of investing in Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, there are lots of individuals who made millions of dollars and became one of the richest individuals in the world.

Calculate the Risks

Because cryptocurrencies have risky volatility, you need to calculate the possible risks you might endure in the future. Aside from that, some countries restrict the investment of cryptocurrency. This only means that exchanging and trading of cryptocurrency is illegal in some areas.

In addition to that, you need to ensure that you have peace when it comes to liquidating your cryptocurrencies. So, one of the most important things you need to follow is to risk the money you can afford to lose.

Look for the Notable Signs of Scam

Investing in a trusted and reliable cryptocurrency usually features an enthusiastic and vivid community, an active development team, and a transparent technical vision. On the other hand, the unreliable ones provide you with fuzzy technical advantages. You cannot understand how to get them. Usually, they also promise that you can be rich, really fast.

When you are investing your money in a cryptocurrency, you need to keep an eye to the possible signs of a scam. Look for their proof of legitimacy. To do this, you can perform thorough research about them and start reading the reviews coming from their past and current clients.

By reading their reviews, you can determine if they are worth investing in or not.

Ways to Earn Cryptocurrencies

There are loads of ways you can consider doing for you to start making and earning cryptocurrencies. You can also find lots of online tools that will enable you to earn crypto. Look for a decentralized file-sharing software that will help you to earn crypto by just sharing your files.

You can share different files, such as pdf, music, torrents, videos, gifs, and many others, and earn crypto. Most of the file-sharing apps are known because of their promising look. Some of them will enable you to perform downloading and seeding. With the use of a blockchain technology to fuel up each of your transactions and making a more decentralized network, you can now spend your UFR as an exchange for files. Aside from that, you can also make cryptocurrency by sharing files.

How to Store Your Cryptocurrency

Now that you know one of the most effective ways of earning cryptocurrency, which is through file sharing, you might be asking yourself how you will store them. Well, the first thing you need to is keep them off the exchange.

You cannot store your cryptocurrency when you exchange them. There is a case in history, saying that bankruptcies and hacks are always possible in the crypto market. But in spite of that, it does not mean that exchange wallets are dangerous and risky.

If you are planning to store your cryptocurrencies, which will give you peace of mind thinking that they are safe and secured from the thieves and hackers, then it is highly recommended to save them by yourselves. In connection with that, you need to learn and understand the processes of using crypto-wallets.


If you want to exchange your crypto and want to keep an eye for your every trade, expect that it requires more time and effort. This is because you are required to track each income you made. It is not just all about trading. You also need to understand that different cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, are also being used in paying for things.

But, let us take a look at its bright side. Earning cryptocurrency is not easy. But there are lots of ways you can do to make it easy and convenient on your part. As mentioned, sharing your files is one of the most effective and optimum ways of making and earning a cryptocurrency. You need to create a file, whether a pdf, a song, picture, or image that can be uploaded. From that point, you can start earning cryptocurrency for every click and download your uploaded files get.

There is no doubt why there are lots of individuals who start investing in different types of cryptocurrencies. This is mainly because crypto, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, will take the place of the different physical money, such as Dollar and Euro.

So, if you want to make more money in the future or become one of the richest men in the world, it is the right time for you to start making and earning cryptocurrency. You can start saving crypto through sharing files.

Shorten Links and Earn Cryptocurrency

The Bitcoin Cash community is composed of the members and projects. These two are usually required in sharing the crucial details with the other users of BCH. If you are one of the individuals who are using different types of cryptocurrency, you may be wondering how to increase the number of cryptos that you have.

Well, you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to provide you with the important details associated with how to shorten links and earn cryptocurrency. So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading and enjoy!

There are lots of paid link shorteners that are being disregarded by many. But, you can use them in creating additional cash. Thus, it is essential for you to learn and understand its requisites. Many of the web pages out there are earning money through different things, such as affiliate products, selling ad space, selling their digital items, and many others.

On the other hand, there are also other methods for monetization that are less or more passive. Some of them require more time and continuous work; some only works with one website only and others, not so much.

The different owners of a creative website can use different monetization techniques and start using them more frequently. But to get the best strategy that will satisfy your needs and requirements, you need to test it.

What is a Link Shortener? This is an app or a website that will make your long links into a short one. But the shorter version will still take the user to the right page. An example of a long link is this: http://www.amazon.com/Star-Wars-Signature-Lightsaber-Removable/dp/B003I86C8U/ref=sr_1_1?s=toys-and-games&ie. This link points to the Amazon store.

There is nothing for you to worry about using the shorter version since it will take you to the page where the long URL originated. A shorter URL will help you in sharing the longer links on the different social media accounts, such as Twitter.

You can shorten your long link with a link shortener easily. All you need to do is to copy and paste the URL, click the Shorten button, and you are ready to go.

Why You Need to Shorten the Longer URLs

There are lots of reasons why using a link shortener to shorten your URLs is a must. The following are some of them:

Make Money and Digital Cash

A shorter link will help you to earn money when the different users are clicking your URL. You will not just earn physical money but also a digital one, which is the cryptocurrencies.

Hide a Target URL

When someone viewed your shortened link, they don’t know where the link will take them after clicking it. So, other individuals are using the shorter versions of longer links in hiding the target link.

Tracking and Statistics

Other link shorteners will provide you with the stats associated with the range, impressions, and the number of clicks made by your short links.

Save Space and Beautify Links

We cannot deny the fact that the shorter the link, the better it looks. Aside from that, it is much more user friendly compared with the longer ones. For the other communication types, such as Twitter posting and text messages, a shorter link will help you a lot. This is always true on Twitter since every tweet requires to have 140 characters long only.

Shorten Links Make More Money

At this time, you now have the background knowledge of how a link shortener works. In this section, we are going to focus our attention on how you will use them to earn crypto.

Keep in mind that some link shorteners will not help you or enable you to make and save money or cryptocurrency. In connection with that, you need to ensure that you will use a paid link shortener. The paid link shorteners will not just provide you with the key features and benefits that a normal shortener provides. But, it will also enable you to create and earn more money and increase the number of your cryptocurrency.

How a Paid Shortener Works

If you add an ad layer to your normal link shortener, you can now have the paid link shortener. The layer is being located between the destination page and the shortened version of the link. This is the time when making and earning a cryptocurrency comes in.

The following are the steps on how a paid link shortener works;

  • Your viewers or readers will click the link included in your content. Make sure that the link you used is the shortened version.
  • You can see the ad on the intermediate page. This is the time when you can now start earning cryptocurrency.
  • Your viewers will be taken to the destination page from the intermediate page. This is true when you use the longer link.

This is one of the money-making methods that will provide you with lots of advantages. One of the things you will love about it is that it will not require you to use your website’s real estate space. Thus, you can use them to improve your email conversion.

Another thing is that your leaving readers can still help you to make an income. Lastly, you can use the shorter links anywhere, such as emails, twitter, Facebook pages, and many others.

There are lots of online tools that you can use in making shortened links while earning cryptocurrency. The shortened links come with different purposes. Some of the online tools for URL shortening are being used to create links you can share with the other social media platforms such as Blockpress and Memo. Keep in mind that these two platforms are known in using the Bitcoin Cash network.

When you want to shorten links and earn cryptocurrency, keep in mind that you need to pick an online tool that has a relationship with the cryptocurrency you are targeting. With the use of the online tools, the website where your shortened links appear will promote the crypto.

Many people these days are using different types of cryptocurrencies. But, one of the most popular cryptos is Bitcoin. It is said that cryptocurrencies or digital money will be the most stable thing in the future compared with physical money.

In connection with that, there are lots of people who are starting to earn cryptocurrency for future use. So, if you want to increase the number of cryptos than you had, you may consider making shortened versions of different links.

The shortening of links can be done easily and does not require too much time and effort.

Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin Cash

You need to know what a cryptocurrency and blockchain are for you to be able to understand Bitcoin cash. Let’s start with blockchain. It refers to the technology which allows cryptocurrency existence, among other things. It also refers to a name of the popularly known cryptocurrency, and blockchain was invented because of this. Cryptocurrency is the circulating medium, like the US dollar. Yet, it is digital and makes use of encryption techniques in controlling the monetary creation units in order to verify the fund transfer.

What is Meant By Blockchain Technology?

This refers to all the transactions decentralized ledger all over the peer group network. With the use of this technology, users can possibly confirm all transactions, even with the absence of major clearing authority. Possible applications include settling trades, voting, fund transfer, and some other issues.

Difference Between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin

As its name says, Bitcoin cash started from Bitcoin alone. Long ago, Bitcoin cash has been part of the blockchain of bitcoin. Nevertheless, Bitcoin cash is said to be a fork of Bitcoin. But the question now is, which of the two will you choose and get? Which is worth investing in nowadays? With the countless questions that you have right, we are here to guide you and enlighten you up.

Bitcoin was known as the first cryptocurrency, which for several years, wasn’t very known. This is like the other real currency out there. You can use bitcoin in buying, selling, and you can also use this in trading for goods, investments, services, and a lot more.

The blockchain technology that it’s designed is capable of blocking it from being replicated. This also implies that it’s not issued, owned, or even managed by any single party or group. Let’s say the government of the United States issued the US dollar and then controlled or managed by banks. In this case, the government, as well as the banks, are considered as its central party. If you will be transferring dollars to your friend, the tendency is that you will depend on your bank for authorizing and processing the needed transaction.

In different circumstances, Bitcoin is not being controlled or issued by whatever central authority. The blockchain transactions are being verified with the use of computers, which is capable of running the blockchain. Anyone can possibly own these computers. Therefore, the blockchain is then redistributed.

When we speak of blockchain, the transactions here are being stored as well submitted to blocks. And the computers confirm the complete transactions block right away by working out a difficult math problem. As soon as the problem is solved, the business on the block is now verified, which then results to the creation of a new Bitcoin. This new Bitcoin will be given to the one who had solved the problem. We call this particular process as mining.

The complete number of Bitcoin has a maximum of twenty-one million. Though the Bitcoin reached 16 million, it will still be difficult to reach twenty-one million, and that’s way too long. The reason behind this is that the Bitcoin amount is a slash in half per block for every four years. Thus, as several people try to have certain Bitcoin on their hands, the creation rate also decreases, the usual belief is because the value will also increase. That’s why countless folks are getting crazy over the Bitcoin.

Right now, Bitcoin is considered as the most precious cryptocurrency at present in the market. Compared to some currencies which are trying to outrank the Bitcoin as well as reduce its supremacy among other digital coin sectors, a little number were becoming close. Nevertheless, this can be an exception because of the distinction between Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin.

What is a Fork?

The only few Bitcoin forks, yet none of them has been used similarly with Bitcoin Cash. This is created as soon as the original blockchain code is updated, yet only a number of computer nodes accept some update on the blockchain.

Original blockchain such as Bitcoin remains still, and the reconditioned nodes separate from its primary blockchain and make a brand new blockchain such as Bitcoin Cash. One of the reasons why several people are not in favor of an increase in block size because this may result to a hard fork.

On November 15, 2018, it was the hard fork on Bitcoin Cash. The coin community was divided into two parts, one is the Roger Ver, and the other one is Craig Wright. Bitcoin ABC update is the conflict outbreak, which started in supporting smart contracts as well as atomic swaps. In connection with this, Craig Wright suggested to his personal vision to the community with regards to the project development in the future. His had proposed to add the size of the block up to 128MB. However, his decision was not agreed by Robert Ver, along with his part miners. For this reason, another coin will surely appear in the world of cryptocurrency. And that is long-awaited news for the BCH holders. All investors got the same coin value of the newest network.


A project together with huge ambitions is called Bitcoin Cash, and the primary goal of this is pushing the original Bitcoin from the first place. The truth is, BCH has few issues in scaling; it can also boast of low transaction commissions. In different circumstances, there is a disagreement between the developers, unresolved issue about the automatic complexity control along with volatility increased. There is an update yet as to which of the network will remain stable.

All You Need To Know About Bitcoin

Our reliance on the internet allows us to communicate and to transact without any physical material or strings. This innovation in technology has given way to the online trading system, which we are using right now.

In the year 2017, cryptocurrency started to gain attention. Cryptocurrency is a digital system that allows the interchange and transmission of digital tokens. This happens in a decentralized manner, which means that there is no central bank working in between.

In the year 2009, the first unit of cryptocurrency has arrived. We are talking about Bitcoin. So, what is Bitcoin? Just hold on and read more.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is electronic cash that can be traded in exchange for dollars, goods, and services. It uses a blockchain or a ledger to record all of its transactions, which means that there are no middlemen. If you have a small business, this one can be favorable for you as it does not require credit card charges. Any government regulation does not also control it.

There are problems in computer science. These are the double-spending and Byzantine General. Double spending happens when traded coins are spent more than once. This has been solving by Bitcoin by providing a peer-to-peer transaction. Once a transaction is about to start, it will be verified in the blockchain by the users who maintain the ledger.

Since the ledger is distributed among thousands of nodes, it raises the question as to how they will assure that the one they are receiving is a not falsified copy. This problem is known as the Byzantine General. Bitcoin solved this through the use of a solution given out of solving a mathematical problem. Once solved, it will be added to the blockchain as a new block every 10 minutes. So when a miner is about to choose between competing blockchains, the longer chain will be chosen as it depicts a company of 51% honest miners.

How to Earn Bitcoin

There are ways you can obtain coins. You can purchase Bitcoin in exchange for fiat currency, and may also trade in a cryptocurrency exchange like the Bittrex and Bitstamp. You can trade an Ethereum for a Bitcoin too. You can also be paid by cryptocurrency by playing games or just sharing articles.

Storage for Bitcoin

There are various you can keep your bitcoin. It can be in the form of an electronic wallet, software wallet, online wallet, mobile wallet, hardware wallet, and paper wallet. Among these, the hardware wallet is the safest. This is done offline where you can put your hardware wallets in bank vaults like Ledger, and Trezor.

The least safe form of bitcoin storage is the online wallet. It is managed by a third party, which also has the keys. Once their server fails, you can lose your bitcoin address and, of course, your bitcoin itself.

What does Bitcoin miners do?

Now, if you are a coin miner, you are the one verifying the bitcoin transactions. In exchange for your work, you may be qualified to receive a Bitcoin also. The first requirement is to verify a 1MB value of the transaction.

The second requirement is challenging, and only a bit of luck might help you win. As we mentioned earlier, a miner solves a problem but is guesswork to obtain a right combination of numbers, which is a 64-digit number. This is the second requirement you need to have to gain a Bitcoin.

Apart from regulating the bitcoin ecosystem, bitcoin miners also help to circulate the cryptocurrency. They obtain additional bitcoin available in the circulation. As of 2019, there are 18 million bitcoins; however, by the year 2140, it will not be circulated anymore. This is because the amount of bitcoin circulated is decreasing as the years go by.

Amount Earn by a Bitcoin Miner

The first year of Bitcoin in the year 2009 has earned 50 bitcoin per block mine. After three years, 50 bitcoin turns into 25 bitcoin. In the year 2016, 25 bitcoin go halves to 12.5 bitcoin. Right now, the year 2020, the amount of bitcoin will be halved by obtaining 6.25 bitcoin. The price of one bitcoin is 7,952.44 dollars, so just multiply it by 6.25 bitcoin, and you will obtain 49,702.75 dollars.

From 20 million in 2009, the mine bitcoin now is only about 2, 625,000 million, which means that bitcoin mining gets tougher over the years. Indeed, bitcoin adjusts the mining difficulty every two weeks to keep the block production regulated.

Now, if you are up to bitcoin mining, you need efficient computer equipment to have a chance of getting out of a hash problem. One tool you can use is the graphic processing unit, which can do fast mathematical calculations.

Reasons Why to Invest in Bitcoin

  1. Demand will increase its value.

Overall, there are 21 million bitcoins. Almost 17 million of that was already mined. It only means that the supply decreases. So, applying the law of supply and demand, we can see that in the next few years, due to scarcity, we can obtain more value out of it. It can be a good investment in the long run.

  1. It saves you time and keeps your investment safe.

The international bank requires more effort and fees. So, whenever you are about to send money to your family abroad, you can’t transact easily. With bitcoin, you can instantly send money anywhere in the world at low fees. You can be assured that your investment is away from malware and viruses.

Dash Cryptocurrency

The rapid augmentation of the cryptocurrency ecosystem has resulted to a personal set of issues to selection for traders and investors. There are coins which affirm to be the real inheritors of the vision of the bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Some coins are privacy-focused.

What is Dash?

This was launched in the year 2014 and was initially known as Darkcoin, created to ensure privacy and anonymity. In reality, the whitepaper of cryptocurrency, which was a collaborated writing of Daniel Diaz and Evan Duffield, describes Dash as the “first privacy-centric cryptographic currency,” which was based on the work of Nakamoto.

While Dash still features secure encryption features, it alters its ambitions. The cryptocurrency aims to become the means for the day to day transactions. On its website, it boldly says, “Dash is Digital Cash you can spend anywhere.” The move in the vision of Dash has set it out well. The price jumped higher than 8, 000% in the middle of rising cryptocurrencies valuations.

Difference Between Dash and Bitcoin

The distinction between Bitcoin and Dash is lean back in the algorithm they used in mining coins. Dash is utilizing the X11 algorithm, a modification of the Proof of Stake algorithm. Dash also utilizes Conjoin mixing in scrambling transactions to enable the feasibility of blockchain privacy. Differently, the Proof of Work algorithm is being used by Bitcoin.

Apart from this, there are more differences between Bitcoin and Dash currency. For beginners, both of them have distinct systems in terms of handling transactions. Bitcoin transaction on blockchain still needs validation made by the nodes within the network. The procedure is designed for ensuring harmony even without the presence of authority. It requires substantial expenditure infrastructure within full nodes or else nodes which are dedicated to mining. In this particular system, the full running nodes for bitcoin miners do commit to expanding amounts of money as well as time for ensuring optimal operations. Through the bitcoin’s network scaling, this becomes an out of the question task.

As previous events have stipulated, the said process is really time-consuming and go wrong in preventing clogging, as a result of slow processing in transactions backlog throughout the memory pool of bitcoin. In succession, this can result to high transaction charges as well as make the bitcoin inappropriate as a type of cryptocurrency for day to day transactions.

This cryptocurrency has utilized economic incentives as the fundamental idea as well as set in motion a Masternodes system in simplifying the validation and verification of every transaction. These Masternodes are basically full nodes that have a starting stake or what we call “bond of collateral”, as it is recounted in Dash Whitepaper of 1,000 DASH in their system. Through this, the user is then permitted to settle for any service. The user also earns a return of investment- that is, according to the other creators.

This cryptocurrency is also capable of solving scalability issues in terms of transactions. This is since they lessen the numbers of the nodes which are required for successfully approving a certain transaction to a practicable number. This is also responsible for approving transactions made by miner networks as well as providing some services like privacy and payment to the Dash cryptocurrency network.

Dash and Its Competitors

the competitor of Dash is Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. Both of them aim to be the means for day to day transactions. The price of Litecoin spiked in the year 2017 following Steam, which a well-liked gaming platform, set forth plans in replacing bitcoin on its Litecoin party line. Along with the introduction of the Network of Lightning on its manifesto, bitcoin alone may embellish a Dash competitor. Yet Dash made a lead over other competitors.

Dash’s Business Prospects to Come

As mentioned above, the Dash focuses on becoming the means for daily transactions. It has ascertained to realize that specific ambition. It is also present in the United States and other countries. For instance, it has made some initiatives in two countries that are economically-distressed experimenting cryptocurrencies.

The future expectation for Dash in some countries is considered to be bright. The government of Venezuelan, which had previously introduced its personal cryptocurrency, which is known as petro, has already passed an order for government agency ordering them to accept whatever cryptocurrency in exchange for services. The early mover for the said country is Dash, which had organized a sequence of well-frequented conferences for introducing cryptocurrencies.

According to Ryan Taylor, the Dash CEO, during an interviewed by Bloomberg, the cryptocurrency demand has risen up in the said country in South American. According to them, they see a big demand for cryptocurrency, especially in Venezuela, by inquiries on their attending line as there is an increased number of people who join chat rooms or forums or on the How-to YouTube videos.


Investing in any cryptocurrency, as well as some Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), is very risky and became speculative. Dash initially started with Litecoin, a Bitcoin derivative, as well as designed by Evan Duffield in the year 2014. This cryptocurrency also invested in some research and even partnered with the State University of Arizona in order to fund blockchain development research. Lastly, some reports showing Dash is the most preferred coin for daily transactions, especially on the dark web and even those money involved in laundering. But these assertions were not true, according to Ryan Taylor.

Since all people are getting through a unique situation, you must consider consulting a qualified professional before you make any financial decision.

Dogecoin – Everything You Need to Know

For the past few decades, both the finance geeks and the techizens carry a buried known as cryptocurrencies. But this is not a problem anymore. This is because there are lots of cryptos available. Well, one of these cryptocurrencies is the Dogecoin.

On the other hand, when it comes to the cryptocurrencies, one of the most popular cryptos is called Bitcoin. If we are going to compare Bitcoin with a pop star, it may be Michael Jackson, Elvis, and Taylor Swift. If it is a band, it would be LANY. But in this post, we are going to discuss Dogecoin.

Since Bitcoin is popular, many people talk about it and forget that there are loads of available cryptocurrencies. In connection with that, most of these cryptos are much better compared with Bitcoin.

Some people think that crypto is all about digital properties. But it can also be considered as a community. Dogecoin is one of the altcoins that has an improved community.

If this is your first time to encounter the term Dogecoin, well, you should read this post up to the end. You will learn how the said crypto stated, why it is popular and how it is being used. So, if you want to know more about it, then let’s get started!

Dogecoin’s Story

Way back in 2013 December, there is a Bitcoin that can be exchanged with 1,083.14 USD. During that time, lots of people are taking cryptocurrencies seriously. But Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus stated that cryptos should not be taken seriously. This is because cryptocurrencies should be all about enjoyment and fun. Thus, both of them created their own coin that is made for fun.

Way back on the 6th of December 2013, Dogecoin was launched in public. It comes with a Shiba Inu dog picture. Upon its launch, it started to create an impact on the internet. So, people are asking about the new and bold coin.

The coin that was created for fun is now creating a huge community in the world of crypto. This is considered by many as one of the few friendly crypto coins. Dogecoin is known because they donate to different charities.

People who are using Dogecoins are called as Shibes. In connection with that, they are also using Shibe language that they can only understand. A Shibe language is a mixture of funny Broken English phrases and terms, which include “many works, much grateful, and such amazing.”

How is Dogecoin Used?

Now that you know the basics of Dogecoin, it is time to determine how it is being used. As mentioned earlier, Dogecoin is known for their donations on different charities in every corner of the world.

  1. Way back in 2014, Dogecoin come up with more than 50 thousand USD. This amount of money was donated to help the bobsled Team to their journey on the Sochi Winter Olympics.
  2. Way back on the 22nd of March 2014, which is World Water Day, the Dogecoin community comes up with more than 30 thousand USD. This money was used in creating wells with cleaner water in Kenya.

Dogecoin is also popular on the internet. In connection with that, Reddit also hosts a group community of Dogecoin, which is giving an extra amount of money to those who post great content about the said crypto. Aside from that, it is being used in raising money that they can donate to charities.

After knowing the story of Dogecoin and how it is being used, it is time for you to know the possible worth of a single Dogecoin. So, scroll down to know further.

What is the Worth of Dogecoin?

Even though Dogecoin has lots of charities, it does not mean that it comes with much worth. Currently, an exchange of a single Dogecoin is only 0.002383 US Dollars.

On the other hand, it does not have a limited supply. Thus, it has a limitless amount. So, its price rate will not change higher than the other cryptos that come with limited supplies, such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Right now, there are more than 114 billion Dogecoins. It helps Dogecoin to be one of the best cryptos used for small transactions. This is the reason why it is being used mostly for donations and tipping.

Even though the price exchange of Dogecoin is quite low, it does not always mean that it does not have worth. Currently, the market cap of Dogecoin is about 330,900,232 USD. But take note that it can get higher as time passes by.


When you were asked, “what is Dogecoin?” you can now provide a correct answer. Dogecoin is a crypto that is popular on the market next to Bitcoin. But if you are going to be asked about the uniqueness of Dogecoin among with the other cryptos, the answer is simple. It is not just crypto but a community as well. It is an area that is composed of people who always want to have fun. It is also a community for those who have a good heart and is always ready to help others.

Dogecoin also comes with a blockchain that is powerful in changing the world to be a better one. You can access it easily. Dogecoin is considered to be a blockchain part of cryptocurrency. Since it is a party, everyone is invited. So, now that you know something about Dogecoin, you can now join the fun in their built community.

Ethereum – Is it way better than Bitcoin?

Whenever you are looking for more advanced functionalities like smart contracts and applications, ethereum is the best for it.

In the year 2015, this has been presented in the market. It is made not only for decentralized payment but also for attaching computer codes which validate applications and financial statement.

Ether is the ethereum cryptocurrency that controls ethereum contracts and applications. Similarly to bitcoin, the ethereum network is employed under blockchain technology. Only that, in the blockchain, it contains a programmable language that now enables it to make and install applications.

The difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum

Since ethereum is a highly improved cryptocurrency, it contains a lot of difference from the set ground of digital coin, which is the bitcoin. Here are now the differences between ethereum and bitcoin.

1. When it comes to the algorithm, ethereum utilizes ethash. Whereas, bitcoin uses the SHA-256. This is used to protect blockchain in bitcoin cryptocurrency. Whereas, the ethash encrypt is for the security of blockchain in the Ethereum network.

2. Ethereum transacts faster than bitcoin as it takes only seconds rather than minutes.

3. Etheruem and bitcoin differ in their general aims. Bitcoin is made to be an alternative digital coin. Whereas ethereum is an operating system that facilitates decentralized application and ethereum codes itself. The same way that the security it creates is to turn into money.

Ethereum is supporting the bitcoin network. That is why it should not be competing with bitcoin. However, it gains almost near market cap from the bitcoin for halfway of 2015. And this attributed to its popularity. Given that ethereum is a newborn cryptocurrency, we can’t run from the fact that its system is smaller than the bitcoin. Last January of the year 2020, the market cap of bitcoin is almost 147 dollars, while there are only 16 billion dollars.

Purchasing Ether

Like any other cryptocurrency, you can also directly buy ether from a fiat currency. In some countries like in New York, you can personally buy or sell an ether from someone.

The other option is to purchase bitcoin and trade in exchange for ether. This may take some steps as you will look for the best and legitimate cryptocurrency exchange available in the market. The transaction also charges depending on the amount of coin and the exchange company you are dealing with.

Ethereum Storage

Of course, you have to secure your private keys to keep the ether safe. There are lots of ethereum wallets available. And this may depend on your preferences and convenience.

Desktop wallet

This type is incorporated in your laptops and PC. To have it, the complete blockchain ethereum should be downloaded. This will take some days to work; that is why the wallet should be sync to keep the latest transaction.

Hardware wallets

If you want to keep your ether offline, you can have these security devices. You can transact without doing any online service. It can be detached so you can put it in a more protected place. One advantage that you may encounter is when you take transactions frequently, so in that case, you may not have your ether with you to fuel some ethereum network.

Mobile wallet

When we store private keys offsite in a mobile device, this is known as the cold storage. This can be suitable for you if you only need less information that can transact in the ethereum network. Having so, you are the one validating or receiving information, which makes it an advantage. However, since we are putting ether in a mobile device, it can’t be easily used.

Paper wallets

You may print or just copy a private key and after store it in a deposit box. Unlike with online wallets, if the site is hacked, you can lose your private keys or your ether itself, but that is not the case in a paper wallet.

How Smart Contract for Ethereum Works?

Let us define what smart contract is before anything else. So, when we turn into a usual contract, we are into a relationship to follow certain terms given by law. In a smart contract, we strengthen the relationship by putting cryptographic codes.

When ethereum is not already present, we know that bitcoin also allows the transfer of money, but it is limited only for that.

Whereas ethereum has incorporated a new set of a scripting language to compensate that limitation. And this is what we call the “Turing-complete” which can hold more complex computational instructions.

A smart contract can keep data, such as membership records. It can also give service to another contract as the one happens in the software library. It may also regulate agreements and tell if someone purchases insurance from other companies. A smart contract only works when encrypted by enough number of people agree.

This is how to say that ethereum facilitates the exchange of money, shares, content, or even property. And since the smart contract is under blockchain, it automatically programs without any downtime, third party, or censorship.

Why should we invest in Ethereum?

Since ethereum can run any algorithm, it is the best digital cryptocurrency to support programs and applications. Today, investors are continuously incorporating this technology to have a flexible way not only to make money but also to provide fuel for decentralized applications.

Thus, ether is treated as a “digital oil” that can level up your experience. Ether itself can be used to pay for computational resources.

Since it has a virtual machine, ethereum itself speeds up any commercial enterprise. For that reason, the response can be instantly achieved regardless if it is a demand or payment.

Ethereum has produced an application to help customers securing any bank transaction like in the case of the Bank of America. Indeed, it is a great and promising network which can make our transaction secured.