Cryptocurrency Payments

In the early days of goods and services, exchanges used to take place exclusively through a barter system. This means that people used to agree on the value of each other’s goods, and trade them with each other. There were numerous inconsistencies and issues, which meant that a universally accepted value system was needed.

Compounds such as salt were considered and used by some people (such as the Romans) to varying degrees of success. As time passed, money became accepted as the universal method and it has been that way for years.

Less than a decade ago, however, the idea of cryptocurrencies caught on with many. These are electronic forms of currency that provide a secure and encrypted method of exchange. Cryptocurrency payments were initially rare, and they were not accepted by many entities.

As the value of currencies such as Bitcoin appreciated, and as more people began to believe in and accept their value, they became more widely accepted.

Now, cryptocurrency payments are being used for private and corporate transactions around the world as a lucrative form of alternative currency.

This means that there is now more variety in the type of goods and services that cryptocurrencies can be used to pay for. One of the more recent such services is content access.

This is made possible through cryptocurrency lockers, which allow content creators to attach cryptocurrency values to links, music, video, games, etc. Persons willing to make use of the content must meet the value requirements to “unlock” the content.

This pay per download method is secure, and it allows the content creators to receive the compensation they deserve for their creative efforts.

These alternative currencies are expected to become even more widely accepted as time passes. The belief in this is one of the reasons newer such currencies continue to emerge.

Pay Per Download

Almost as early as people learn to use the internet, they learn the usefulness of the ability to download files of various formats. Music, videos, games, etc., are downloaded daily around the world.

These files originate from various content creators who deserve to be compensated for their efforts in creating these files, for enjoyment and use by the world. Traditionally, these files were either made available freely, or they were made available at a cost that was quoted in a monetary currency such as US dollars.

While this is still a very popular manner of payment, the emergence of cryptocurrencies have opened a new possibility for these content creators to get the compensation they deserve.

These currencies such as Bitcoin provide an alternative, secure payment method, for the exchange of goods and services.

Innovations such as cryptocurrency lockers allow content creators to setup a reliable method of offering their creations to the world. With these lockers, they have a secure space built on cloud technology, which can be used for the upload of files for download by the public.

These files are then assigned a cryptocurrency value that interested parties must pay per download. Upon payment of the required fee, the file is then provided to the purchaser.

Of course, deciding to use cryptocurrency as the standard for payment means accepting the possibilities that come with the fluctuations in value. While this creates an air of uncertainty, you should remember that currencies such as Bitcoin have maintained a value that is much higher than that of the US dollar for years.

Cryptocurrency lockers are designed to be simple to setup and use. They are intended for anyone who wants to be paid for their creations via Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc., as opposed to just those who have great technical knowledge about cryptocurrencies.

Consider the pay per download model if you’re looking to get paid with a lucrative and alternative currency.

How does Pay Per Sale work?

There was a time when the idea of paying for goods or services with cryptocurrencies seemed farfetched at best. While it is not a universally accepted payment method at the time of writing, currencies such as Bitcoin have caught on to a massive degree. This remains true despite the massive fluctuations in their value.

Many people see the value in owning cryptocurrencies, which means they come up with unique ways for themselves and others to do so. One of the most revolutionary is the idea of a cryptocurrency locker.

This allows for content creators to not only secure their applications, products, files, links, etc., but it also allows them to earn cryptocurrency from said content.

A cryptocurrency locker is a pay per sale system that leverages ecommerce technology, in tandem with currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. These lockers can be used for virtually any digital content that you wish to make available to the public at a cost.

The locker prevents your website, or other content from being accessed without earning you revenue, if that is what you desire. The content doesn’t necessarily need to be downloadable to fit the pay per sale model. You could even shorten URLS then earn whenever a payment is used to successfully access your links.

The costs are all quoted in the cryptocurrency of your choice, and there is a variety of content that you can start earning from. Apart from offering the locker area, and a secure payment gateway for your visitors, a cryptocurrency locker provider may also include marketing tools that you can leverage, for effective promotion of your content. This is likely to lead to increased traffic, which means greater earning potential for you.

Whenever you are ready, you can cash out your earnings from your locker, and reap the benefits of your content.

Cryptocurrency Locker Explained

A cryptocurrency locker provides a medium for you to earn cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin for digital content you put online. Bitcoin’s technical details can be a bit challenging to understand, however, a good locker provider allows you to setup your Bitcoin locker with minimal effort. Don’t let a lack of technical knowledge about Bitcoin stop you from getting set up, as the locker does not require this.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have valuable content and don’t get to collect a dime for it, as they decide to upload it on social media for “likes.” The locker allows you to avoid this mistake as it requires visitors to pay the required amount of cryptocurrency, before any content can be accessed.


MinerLock is an example of a known cryptocurrency locker, and it allows for protection of your links, applications, files, etc., by web publishers and authors. When your content earns cryptocurrency for you, the platform sends the earnings to your electronic wallet.

There’s no need to worry about file size limits as you can upload and earn from files of up to 200 MB. If necessary, the platform allows you to split large files for ease of downloading. Note that the value placed on the files for download can be quoted in USD, or it can be quoted in cryptocurrency. Of course, the latter means the value depends on how your currency is doing in the market.

The Process

Below is a brief overview of how the process works:

  1. Content creators upload digital content to the lockers, and they associate a value
  2. Publishers offer link promotion to drive traffic
  3. Buyers purchase content, and both publishers and both publishers and creators are paid from the transaction

The MinerLock setup is just as simple as the process, which means you can get your account up and running in no time.

Bitcoin Locker

Bitcoin has taken the world by storm as a means of trade. There are many facets of life today in which you can use Bitcoin to make payments. It is a convenient source of funding as it has great purchasing power, and it is exclusively available through secure online channels.

This means that transactions are less likely to be compromised than traditional ones. If you are a content creator, or you are a business owner, you may have contemplated the possibility of being paid in Bitcoin.

This is easier than you think, and the secret lies within what is known as a Bitcoin Locker. Imagine the way most commonplace e-commerce transactions work today. A potential buyer either intentionally, or unintentionally happens upon a product, a service, or some form of content. The potential buyer indicates interest by navigating to the purchase page, and makes a purchase using an electronic medium such as a credit card.

Since Bitcoin exists online exclusively, doesn’t that mean it should be perfect for such transactions? It is if you use a Bitcoin locker for your content.

This is a secure cloud space afforded to you at a cost. You can use this space to place things such as files that you wish to make available for a fee. Once you have done this, you assign a Bitcoin value to your content.

This content remains protected by the locker, and it cannot be accessed unless the requisite payment is provided. Once this payment is made, the buyer of the content gets the desired access, while you gain some Bitcoin.

The locker uses a secure gateway payment system to ensure that the transaction is encrypted, and that the parties are protected.

If you have any digital content that you’d like to sell, you may want to consider MinerLock for getting a Bitcoin Locker for your services.