Earn Bitcoin Uploading Files

Currently, there are lots of applications that will pay you with Bitcoin for every File you upload. This is a great help for you, most especially during this Covid-19 crisis, when people are not allowed to work outside.

Earning bitcoin is one of the optimum investments you can do in your life. But, some individuals don’t know where and how to start earning bitcoins. There are lots of things you can do, such as File uploading.

Uploading files is one of the things you can do to start earning Bitcoins. You can upload any content, including videos, photos, music, and e-books. In this post, we are going to provide you with three different software that you can use to earn bitcoin uploading files.

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This is a site that was launched on Public way back in January. It is an application that can be installed on your Android mobile phones. It gains lots of users from its launch. This is because this app enables their users to upload any files and start gaining Bitcoins when their files are liked and viewed. They can also earn an additional amount when the viewers follow their accounts.

In some cases, the website provides a promo that their users can get while opening a newsletter, logging into their account, and many others. Similar to the first app, you can withdraw your earned Bitcoin without a minimum payout amount. The users are being paid regularly. At this moment, the available formats you can use in this app are BMP, PNG, GIF, and JPEG or JPG.

As we read the Frequently Asked Questions section of the site, we concluded that their service comes with a unique paying scale depending upon the quality and amount of traffic. This is being graded regularly. The scale helps the site to pay their uploaders more than what other competitors do. This is because they believe that users that produce top-notch traffic deserve to gain more money.

If you are going to look at the payout structure of the File.Army, you can see that they come with 9 grades of pay. If you are a starter, you need to start at Corporal Grade. You can be demoted or promoted, varying upon the traffic quality you made.

At this grade, you can gain one US Dollar for every 4000 views. You can gain one US Dollar for 50 followers and another dollar for 100 likes you get. On the other hand, this stage comes with a cap of 2 US Dollars daily.

However, the maximum stage will enable you to gain one US Dollar for every five followers you made, another one US Dollar for every 50 likes your post gets, and one US Dollars for every 750 views you get. This stage is called the Emperor level and has a cap of 5000 US Dollars a day.

One con you may notice while using this software is that you can get your earnings, but the money should be sent to the official bitcoin wallet of File Army, which they labeled as Bitcoinwaller.com. The creator of this service the Price Givens is also the founder of File Army and the creator of other online businesses, such as Fiatleak.com

You can notice that their platform comes with a plain white background. You need to swipe right or left in viewing other posts.


This is one of the most popular applications that will enable you to upload animated gifs, short vids, and images. You can also publish these files with corresponding music that will play while it is being viewed by others. For every view that your uploaded File, as an uploader, can get an amount of Bitcoin.

According to its creator, this app was launched one year ago, and its Bitcoin feature is just a few days old. In addition to that, when you visit their official site, you can view more than ten thousand different posts coming from the various uploaders.

While we are reading the information they uploaded on their website, it is stated that they share 50 percent of their income with their users. For every bitcoin being earned by the user will be sent to their Bitcoin wallets automatically. One of the advantages you can get from using this app is that you can withdraw your earned Bitcoins without a minimum amount.

The website also stated that the number of earnings you will have will always vary upon the geographical location of your viewers and the number of views. The team also clarified that you could get a higher amount of Bitcoin when your viewers are from Sweden compared with Somalia.

This is the only application that has quite similarities with Imgur, which is one of the most known websites in the world.


One of the oldest applications that use Bitcoin for paying the uploaded files is Supload. It has a description saying that it is a “free image hosting that splits the profits with you from advertising.” You can also notice that they provide services that are quite similar to what Imgur offers. This service also enables its users to upload different files, such as vids and pics.

These days, the file type for images that they offer are gif, webp, png, and jpg. For videos, they support gif, avi, mov, webm, and mp/4. Keep in mind that your video should not exceed 30 seconds.

The said site pays its users for 50 percent of the total income they get from the advertisements they posted on their website. Compared with the other applications mentioned above, you need to withdraw your earned money with a minimum amount of one US Dollar.


Most of you don’t have work because of the coronavirus pandemic. You may be considering to earn Bitcoin upload files. This is super easy to perform and will not take most of your time. Not all individuals are aware that Bitcoin is one of the great investments you can do. Aside from uploading files, there are lots of ways you can do to earn Bitcoins.

If you have Bitcoin, you can use it in shopping. When shopping with Bitcoins, it will enable you to earn your bitcoin amount. You may be wondering how it works. Well, you can increase your bitcoin with the help of the cash-back services, such as Lolli.

But, uploading files on your trusted Bitcoin site is the best way for you to earn Bitcoin. You only need extra time and effort to make it work. So, if you are planning to earn Bitcoin, start uploading your created files now on the applications we mentioned above.