Earning Bitcoin Selling Digital Goods

Tell me, what do you picture when you think about the internet’s largest marketplaces? Maybe you purchase the toilet paper or coffee or just some home essentials that you have right now inside your home from Alibaba or Amazon. Maybe you visit eBay to buy collectible items that are hard to find or items that are second hand, Maybe you get handmade gifts from Etsy. These websites do focus on physical goods, but this is not what they can only do,

Think about it, where do people buy their eBooks? Okay, maybe you can still purchase on Amazon, but let’s just move on. How about the online courses? Codes for video games? Or the data bundles like the fonts or the presets of photo editing?

The marketplaces online don’t just sell physical goods. Digital goods can also be sold like physical goods, and there are a lot of places where you can buy and even sell them around a website.

If you want to earn Bitcoins by selling digital goods, you have come to the right place. Also, keep in mind that there are a lot of websites where you can sell digital goods and earn Bitcoins, so you won’t have to worry about that. With this, you will be able to earn Bitcoins by selling some digital goods.

A File Hosting

File hosting and also automatic delivery that is within a website that you can sell digital goods is a feature that people plan to create in the upcoming years though there is still some ice during the moment. In the meantime, if you are trying to sell gift cards or even game codes, you will need to send them to the people that want to purchase it manually when you have received your payment. For selling a file that the users will need to download, you will be hosting it somewhere.

You are able to host your files somewhere, for example, an external website or maybe a server that is your own, you can also use a storage service that is like Google Drive or Dropbox. These are paid services though they will allow you to set a single password to the file so that it can have some extra layering of security on people that can have access to it.

Once you have received the payment that you have been expecting, you can now share the link to your buyer, which they can click and will automatically download the file for them. Or, if you are trying to keep it just simple and the file that is being purchased is small enough, then inform the buyer that they need to give you an address and email so you can be able to send the file by email when the payment has been confirmed.

Make Your Listing

After having a plan for your hosting as well as sharing the digital product that you have, you may now make a listing on the website that allows you to sell digital goods. Make your new listing, and then under the type, you should select digital goods.

Now give it a really great title as well as it’s a description that is able to relate to the keywords that a lot of people may probably use in searching so that it can be found easily. Also, remember that you need to describe how you can send the file being purchased to the buyers when they have completed their purchase. It is also very helpful if you will include any type of instructions that they may need when setting up or when they are trying to install files if it is required.

Put at least a single great image that can describe the item like, for example, if you’re selling an eBook, how about a book jacket mockup or a music album’s cover art.

You can also add some tags to boost the ability of your item to be searched. Remember to include tags that are obvious that can relate to the item that you are trying to sell. Some examples are “music“ or “book“ if you want it to relate to broader categories, try something like “bluegrass “ or “fiction.”

Having a category can keep your shop well organized. If you are planning to sell both the music albums and eBooks, you will just need to type the category that is corresponding to your listing.

For the inventory and variants, they can be likely left blank. These are very much helpful to the things that we call physical goods where you can offer the exact same hat though in 3 different colors that are with a certain number only. It is worth it to make separate listing if the digital goods that you are trying to sell have variations.

The return policy, you will be able to set this up in whatever way you would like it to be. You can say that there are no refunds if the point of the price is just very low to the item or just perhaps give out a 100% satisfaction guarantee along with an option of a full refund.

Now, for the terms and conditions of the website that allows you to sell digital goods. You will be able to add them if you have some advisories or conditions that you want the buyers to be aware of for sure.

Lastly, select the coins that you would like to receive as a type of payment.

Share Your Item to the Website

Pretty self-explanatory, I’d say. You just need to share the digital good that you are trying to sell. A lot of people go to online markets since it is easier for them, so you won’t have a problem attracting especially with the tags that you put it. As I said with tags, it will be easier to find you.

That’s how earning Bitcoin selling digital goods! Thank you very much for reading.