Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin Cash

You need to know what a cryptocurrency and blockchain are for you to be able to understand Bitcoin cash. Let’s start with blockchain. It refers to the technology which allows cryptocurrency existence, among other things. It also refers to a name of the popularly known cryptocurrency, and blockchain was invented because of this. Cryptocurrency is the circulating medium, like the US dollar. Yet, it is digital and makes use of encryption techniques in controlling the monetary creation units in order to verify the fund transfer.

What is Meant By Blockchain Technology?

This refers to all the transactions decentralized ledger all over the peer group network. With the use of this technology, users can possibly confirm all transactions, even with the absence of major clearing authority. Possible applications include settling trades, voting, fund transfer, and some other issues.

Difference Between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin

As its name says, Bitcoin cash started from Bitcoin alone. Long ago, Bitcoin cash has been part of the blockchain of bitcoin. Nevertheless, Bitcoin cash is said to be a fork of Bitcoin. But the question now is, which of the two will you choose and get? Which is worth investing in nowadays? With the countless questions that you have right, we are here to guide you and enlighten you up.

Bitcoin was known as the first cryptocurrency, which for several years, wasn’t very known. This is like the other real currency out there. You can use bitcoin in buying, selling, and you can also use this in trading for goods, investments, services, and a lot more.

The blockchain technology that it’s designed is capable of blocking it from being replicated. This also implies that it’s not issued, owned, or even managed by any single party or group. Let’s say the government of the United States issued the US dollar and then controlled or managed by banks. In this case, the government, as well as the banks, are considered as its central party. If you will be transferring dollars to your friend, the tendency is that you will depend on your bank for authorizing and processing the needed transaction.

In different circumstances, Bitcoin is not being controlled or issued by whatever central authority. The blockchain transactions are being verified with the use of computers, which is capable of running the blockchain. Anyone can possibly own these computers. Therefore, the blockchain is then redistributed.

When we speak of blockchain, the transactions here are being stored as well submitted to blocks. And the computers confirm the complete transactions block right away by working out a difficult math problem. As soon as the problem is solved, the business on the block is now verified, which then results to the creation of a new Bitcoin. This new Bitcoin will be given to the one who had solved the problem. We call this particular process as mining.

The complete number of Bitcoin has a maximum of twenty-one million. Though the Bitcoin reached 16 million, it will still be difficult to reach twenty-one million, and that’s way too long. The reason behind this is that the Bitcoin amount is a slash in half per block for every four years. Thus, as several people try to have certain Bitcoin on their hands, the creation rate also decreases, the usual belief is because the value will also increase. That’s why countless folks are getting crazy over the Bitcoin.

Right now, Bitcoin is considered as the most precious cryptocurrency at present in the market. Compared to some currencies which are trying to outrank the Bitcoin as well as reduce its supremacy among other digital coin sectors, a little number were becoming close. Nevertheless, this can be an exception because of the distinction between Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin.

What is a Fork?

The only few Bitcoin forks, yet none of them has been used similarly with Bitcoin Cash. This is created as soon as the original blockchain code is updated, yet only a number of computer nodes accept some update on the blockchain.

Original blockchain such as Bitcoin remains still, and the reconditioned nodes separate from its primary blockchain and make a brand new blockchain such as Bitcoin Cash. One of the reasons why several people are not in favor of an increase in block size because this may result to a hard fork.

On November 15, 2018, it was the hard fork on Bitcoin Cash. The coin community was divided into two parts, one is the Roger Ver, and the other one is Craig Wright. Bitcoin ABC update is the conflict outbreak, which started in supporting smart contracts as well as atomic swaps. In connection with this, Craig Wright suggested to his personal vision to the community with regards to the project development in the future. His had proposed to add the size of the block up to 128MB. However, his decision was not agreed by Robert Ver, along with his part miners. For this reason, another coin will surely appear in the world of cryptocurrency. And that is long-awaited news for the BCH holders. All investors got the same coin value of the newest network.


A project together with huge ambitions is called Bitcoin Cash, and the primary goal of this is pushing the original Bitcoin from the first place. The truth is, BCH has few issues in scaling; it can also boast of low transaction commissions. In different circumstances, there is a disagreement between the developers, unresolved issue about the automatic complexity control along with volatility increased. There is an update yet as to which of the network will remain stable.