How does Pay Per Sale work?

There was a time when the idea of paying for goods or services with cryptocurrencies seemed farfetched at best. While it is not a universally accepted payment method at the time of writing, currencies such as Bitcoin have caught on to a massive degree. This remains true despite the massive fluctuations in their value.

Many people see the value in owning cryptocurrencies, which means they come up with unique ways for themselves and others to do so. One of the most revolutionary is the idea of a cryptocurrency locker.

This allows for content creators to not only secure their applications, products, files, links, etc., but it also allows them to earn cryptocurrency from said content.

A cryptocurrency locker is a pay per sale system that leverages ecommerce technology, in tandem with currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. These lockers can be used for virtually any digital content that you wish to make available to the public at a cost.

The locker prevents your website, or other content from being accessed without earning you revenue, if that is what you desire. The content doesn’t necessarily need to be downloadable to fit the pay per sale model. You could even shorten URLS then earn whenever a payment is used to successfully access your links.

The costs are all quoted in the cryptocurrency of your choice, and there is a variety of content that you can start earning from. Apart from offering the locker area, and a secure payment gateway for your visitors, a cryptocurrency locker provider may also include marketing tools that you can leverage, for effective promotion of your content. This is likely to lead to increased traffic, which means greater earning potential for you.

Whenever you are ready, you can cash out your earnings from your locker, and reap the benefits of your content.