Make Bitcoin for Every Product

For those who don’t know anything about Bitcoin yet, it is one of the digital assets or cryptocurrency that is making its name online. Most traders considered it as an electronic combination of gold and money. Similar to cash, you can spend Bitcoin. The advantage you can get from using it is that Bitcoin can hold a high amount of value, which is the same as gold.

But, even though Bitcoin can be used as cash or has a value of gold, keep in mind that it is still a form of a digital asset.

Selling anything as an exchange for bitcoin can be done easily. Some people think it is hard, but the truth is it isn’t. The fact that it features a decentralized nature, you can ensure that your bitcoin making can be done seamlessly and conveniently.

For those individuals who are looking for ways to follow to make Bitcoin, then this post is right for you. In this article, we are going to provide you with the information you need to know to make bitcoin for every product.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Before we dive into the main section of this article, let us know more about what Bitcoin is.

What is Bitcoin?

When we say bitcoin, we are referring to a digital asset or one of the different types of cryptocurrencies. It is usually abbreviated as BTC. As mentioned earlier, it works like cash but has a value of gold. But, it is still a digital asset you can use for everything. This is a coin that has been created gradually until it gets its maximum amount of 21 million.

You can collect each coin. This only means that you can also spend and trade it as if you are using aa real money. There is a decrease in the value of every coin being created each time. This only means that you still need to wait a few decades to create a few coins.

When someone is talking about trading, selling, or even buying a bitcoin, they are mainly talking about the Bitcoin coins and not the Bitcoin network. Everything that affects the popularity of Bitcoin coins is because of its network.

This is also a cryptocurrency created by a group of people or someone whose name is Satoshi Nakamoto. Up to this day, no one knows the real personality or identity of Bitcoin’s creator.

Getting Started

In order for you to make bitcoin, the first thing you need to have is a product you want to sell. You may consider selling your commissioned artworks, old baseball card collection, or even exclusive content. There are lots of services you can access to sell your products for bitcoin easily and quickly. You don’t also need to went through a tedious and time-consuming sign-up process. Aside from that, you are not required to share your entire personal details.

The next thing you need to consider is the type of cryptocurrency you want to receive. There are lots of available cryptocurrencies, but we recommend you to opt for Bitcoin.

It’s Time To Create Your Shop

To make bitcoin for every product, you need to have a website first that you will be using in selling your products. How your site will sell the product as an exchange for crypto will always depend upon what your site is selling.

If you are a content creator or a blogger, you may consider putting a crypto paywall that will enable your viewers to have full access to your newly uploaded content. If you are selling computer parts, you need to have a payment gateway that will enable the crypto payment processes easily. Make sure that the gateway is compatible with the traditional currencies and current channels.

On the other hand, if you are selling different products, you may consider linking it to the cryptocurrency market account. You might also sell it directly with the use of a business wallet. Despite the product you are going to sell, the following are the services and sites that will help you a lot in getting started.


When you visit the Openbazaar official site, you can see lots of online marketplaces for free, and This will enable the different users to create their store page. Aside from that, the users are free to sell the products they want to make a Bitcoin or any other types of cryptocurrency.

The said site is decentralized and free. The online sellers are capable of picking the type of crypto they want to get paid, such as zcash, litecoin, bitcoin core, and bitcoin cash.

For those soon-to-be online merchants who are searching to create a cryptocurrency paywall for their site, we recommend you to use the satoshiwall. This site is a non-custodial and quick solution. You can use this site even though you don’t have an account on it. This only means that you can paste your BCH wallet address, post your product, and pick your preferred cryptocurrency. After that, you can now share your page link with your followers and fans.

The KISS Principle

The KISS principle stands for Keep It Stupid Simple or Keep It Simple, Stupid. If you want to make bitcoin for every product, you need to keep this principle in your mind. This has a great role in why you can earn bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies. A new type of money was created after the privacy-invasive legacy and complex financial protocol. This helps to have a direct, refreshing, and clean peer-to-peer e-cash transactions without the need for a middleman or meddling company.

For those who are not interested in using the solutions we have mentioned above, you can still make bitcoin for every product. You need to have the BCH wallet and address to start selling your stuff. That is one of the things that you will love about Bitcoin. All you need to do is to copy and paste the address, and you can now request the funds.

In addition to that, there is a newly launched marketplace that you can use to create BCH payments. The is a trading site that can be used in directing web traffic to the items you are selling. This is also an easy-to-follow option.

Whatever your choice is, bitcoin is all about economic freedom. This only means that everyone is allowed to join its group. Whether you are included in an exclusive group or big corporation, then you are free to trade Bitcoin and other cryptos easily and conveniently.


Bitcoin is one of the most trusted cryptocurrencies that you can trade. To earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies you prefer, you may consider selling products or content you have or created.