A Quick Guide About Litecoin

If you are a businessman, finding for a faster blockchain transaction and cheaper cryptocurrency, litecoin could be the one for you.

In the year 2011, through the implementation of the Segwit protocol, it has been established. It is mostly known as an easy coin. A version came from the gold keeper of cryptocurrency, the bitcoin.

Litecoin is simply a cryptocurrency that is also run by the peer-to-peer transaction of blockchain. It was formed by the collaborative effort of participants that support its computing power.

History Of Litecoin Value

All cryptocurrencies have experience ups and downs in their value. Timely, litecoin also did. In the first years of its journey, one litecoin only cost about 4 dollars. Unfortunately, in January year 2015, it decreases by only 1.11 dollars.

In the year 2017, it hits back 10 times as much as it obtains one litecoin for 50 dollars. The month of December had come, and this is a remarkable record of litecoin as it reaches 400 dollars.

However, in the year 2019, when the first month of the year start, litecoin had decreased again. It turns into 140 dollars per coin. Today, the price of litecoin is 42.66 dollars.

How To Earn Litecoin?

Similarly to bitcoin, you can also obtain litecoin through litecoin mining. Just have your computer and verify transactions. In return, you will be paid with litecoin. It can be the slowest process to choose from, but it is indeed a valid method to get litecoins.

The second option is to buy from a cryptocurrency exchange like Changelly. It is simple, just like you are ordering stuff. In this case, you will pay using cheques, money transfer, or credit card. In return, they will put litecoin into your digital wallet. The transaction, of course, calls for a percentage fee. The charge will depend on the amount of litecoin and brand of the service provider.

The last option is to receive payments for litecoin instead of fiat money. By doing some things like watching videos or reading a blog article, you can be paid for litecoin. So, if you work more surely, you will receive more money.

Difference Between A Litecoin And Bitcoin

Despite the similarities of these two cryptocurrencies, Litecoin is ahead when it comes to transaction speed, security, and mining. These are further discussed below, so please read the following.

1. In bitcoin, a new block is formed every 10 minutes. Whereas, in litecoin, it only works for only 2.5 minutes. In ratio, we can deduce that litecoin works 4 times faster than bitcoin. Not only that, but it is also 4 times cheaper than the bitcoin.

2. When it comes to a better playing field, litecoin is the best as it uses the script hash algorithm while the bitcoin uses SHA-256, so it can only be used for parallel processors.

3. Litecoin has a higher coin limit than bitcoin. Bitcoin has only 21 million coins, while litecoin has 84 million coins.

4. Given the fact that bitcoin processes faster, it is not prone to any hack like the double-spending. This happens when a user uses money twice to compensate for different transactions.

Where to Store Litecoin?

Similarly to bitcoin, you can use hardware like wallets like the Trezor or Ledger. However, on the website of litecoin, there are options you may use also. These are the litecoin core, electrum, and loaf wallet.

The litecoin manufacturers power Litecoin core. It requires to download the blockchain cryptocurrency into a hard drive. For that reason, it is a desktop wallet like the Exodus.

Whereas, the electrum wallet does not need to have an installed blockchain. It is very flexible as it can be used on any platform—one of a kind PC type wallet.

If you are too busy, you can always have a loaf wallet. This is a mobile wallet that can be used on any iOS or Android phone. Some examples of these include Edge and Jaxx.

Litecoin – Things they achieve last 2019

1. They have joined the Rootstock. This company is the reason for Smart Bitcoin. The essence of this partnership allows the user to take Ethereum once they recover litecoin.

2. They have started to work with atomic swaps. This contract technology allows the trade of coins without any centralized intermediaries.

3. They have also increased the interchangeability capacity of coins. For example, if you are buying for certain commodities, litecoin can have an equal value, which you can use to pay for any service or food.

4. To gain more support, litecoin had attracted more investors already.

Is Litecoin Worth Investing?

Litecoin is a good investment since it can be traded for other cryptocurrencies. Not only that, but it can also be used to pay services and goods just like a bitcoin. If you use a litecoin either into a short or long-term investment, it is always coupled with advantages and disadvantages.

As for the short investment, when you keep a profit for a longer time, its value will boil down again to the original prize. However, you can still have a choice to trade your litecoin. Since it is popular, it can be easily traced. You will not worry about where to sell it as there are lots of buyers.

Whereas, for the long term investment, you can expect your value to increase slowly. For example, in the year 2011, you purchased one litecoin, which cost 30 cents. It can worth as high as over 10,000 dollars when 2018 came. The only disadvantage relies on scalability. Good thing that litecoin do things quickly for it to be useful in the years to come.

Monero: Everything You Need Know

What comes in your mind when somebody talks about Bitcoin? For most people, it’s anonymity, privacy, and the capability of completing a transaction even in the absence of a footprint. The very first to market was Bitcoin, it holds the highest value of the coin as well as holds the position of a market leader. But that doesn’t mean that there is no competitor. There is a Monero, which is considered a great competitor as well.

Cryptocurrencies as popularly known for giving a prestigious privacy level when it comes to transaction privacy, yet according to the Monero developers, privacy was not sturdy as many people think it is. Considering this downside, they designed an up to date cryptocurrency, the one which will be capable of really protecting privacy. If you want to know more about the differences between Monero and Bitcoin, below is the quick guide for you. Read on!


The good thing about any transaction in Bitcoin is that it is never linked to your personal information. However, it is connected to your wallet. Along with a few analyses, it is completely out of the question to uncover someone’s identity by just merely observing time zones, patterns, and some other pointers of data. This could result to a serious issue in various situations.

For instance, you are about to visit a place where higher cases of crime occur and you decided to settle a payment using Bitcoin. Though your personal identity may not be visible to the receiver of the payment, the total hold money on your wallet will be viewed. Thus, if you have a high balance, this could create a risk.

One more situation is when the supplier is being paid through a Bitcoin for a business. The supplier can possibly view the amount of currency that the business has, therefore guess if they are price-conscious, and this could adversely harm your next negotiations. The supplier and its risks can uncover the other types of details regarding the business, which may be quite sensitive. The other suppliers that you have contact with will be visible as well.

Mining Algorithm

Monero and Bitcoin use different algorithm mining. With Monero, Cyrptonight GPU mining is being utilized while with Bitcoin, and the SHA-256 algorithm is being used. This results to a little distinction between them. For instance, the bitcoin algorithm performs a bit faster, unlike custom mining chips popularly known as Application-Specific Integrated Circuits or ASICs. Seemingly, both may look like an advantage, most especially if one is capable of investing for ASIC computer mining, yet it may lead to several issues.

ASIC computers are found to have greater benefits compared to CPU as well as GPU equipment for the reason that there are a number of computing powers. But this becomes no purpose of miners in attempting the usage of other types of computers in the case that ASIC is in use. If there are a huge number of ASIC computers in use, this might pose a miner’s concentration in varied parts of the globe wherein there is a low cost of energy, seeing that these computers consume more power quantities.

What Are Cryptocurrency Lockers

There are a lot of ways for you to store your bitcoin, zcash, or any kind of cryptocurrency. Not all of them are as secure and works as great as the other ones. There is a kind cryptocurrency storage, that is definitely and absolutely one of the most secure ones out there is a cryptocurrency locker or otherwise known as a cryptocurrency vault. A cryptocurrency locker or a cryptocurrency vault is pretty much just for storage. It acts a lot like a cryptocurrency wallet but is way more secure and a lot harder to get into not just by any person, but by you too.

If you’re looking for a very secure way to hide all of your cryptocurrency, then the right choice is definitely choosing cryptocurrency lockers. Even though a vault and a wallet are actually very similar, it is very different from each other. If you’re wondering about how these two things are different, then you’ve come to the right place since that’s exactly what we’re going to discuss if you’re wondering about this topic. So, what makes a cryptocurrency vault and a cryptocurrency wallet different?

But before that, we need to understand what a cryptocurrency wallet is all about actually to know the differences between the two. So, let’s talk about what a cryptocurrency wallet is first. A cryptocurrency wallet is pretty much just the same thing as a vault. It stores somebody’s cryptocurrency that they have stored over the years. The wallet is visible to everyone out there, but you do have to decrypt it to be able actually to access the wallet. There are actually a lot of kinds of cryptocurrency wallets. So, here they are.

  • Paper Wallets

These wallets allow you to print your private and public keys using QR codes. You can download these codes on both plastic and paper.

  • Online Wallets

These are the ones that run on the cloud, making it very convenient and accessible since you can open them up anytime and anywhere.

  • Offline Wallets

Offline wallets make it so that hackers from the internet will find it to be impossible to access your private keys leading to them not getting entry into your account.

  • Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets are probably the most secure wallets out there, especially if you plan on keeping your coins in the long run.

  • Desktop Wallets

These are pretty much just the wallets that you can download and install on your computer.

  • Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets are the same thing as desktop wallets, but instead of running on your computer, it’ll be installed on your mobile device.

When it comes to cryptocurrency wallets, there are also things such as cold storage and hot storage. What do these two things mean? Hot storage is the ones that are less secure and is also the one who is connected to the internet. This then leads to smaller expenses for the wallet provider. On the other side, we have cold storage. Cold storage is way more secure than hot storage and is the one who isn’t actually connected to the internet, leading to the wallet providers’ requirement of more expenses. But it also is worth it since your coins will be so much more secure compared to going for the hot storage cryptocurrency wallets out there.

Now that you know what a cryptocurrency locker and what a cryptocurrency wallet is, let’s head onto the list that will show you how these two things are different.

  • Geographic Distribution

Most of the bitcoins out there aren’t in just one server. There are a ton of servers out there, and your bitcoins are in one of them. Your cryptocurrencies of any sort will be safe since it isn’t in just one server. Also, since it isn’t connected to the internet, nobody can access it, making it so much more secure compared to cryptocurrency wallets.

  • Advance Security

When it comes to security, cryptocurrency lockers are the better choice compared to wallets. Lockers are so much more secure, and I’m pretty sure almost nobody would be able to get access to your account and get ahold of your coins. All of the purchases you make will be delayed for about 48 hours, and during those 48 hours, the cryptocurrency locker provider will then try to get ahold of you. And the purchase will finally be approved if the owner sends a voice confirmation that confirms that purchase. But if there is more than one owner of the locker, all of them will have to send their own voice messages to confirm the purchase. So, I’m pretty sure you can see how cryptocurrency lockers are really secure.

  • More Features

Some vault providers also provide additional features that other providers may not have. And I’m pretty sure that wallets don’t really have any additional features. But it does seem like the vault features do often seem like they are premium features, so you might need to pay for the extra features that the provider will give to you.

So, when it comes to comparing the two of them, I’m sure you can see how much more secure a cryptocurrency locker is. But at the end of the day, it does depend on the company that provides you the wallet or the vault for you to store your coins. So, finding the right provider for you is just as important since you are going to trust them with the money you have. So, finding a trustworthy wallet or vault provider will come handy in the long run.

Hopefully, this article leads you to understand this topic more. And that you now know what a cryptocurrency locker or vault is and what a cryptocurrency wallet is as well. And that you know each of the differences of each wallet and what makes cryptocurrencies lockers secure. If you are looking for the right vault or wallet provider, you have to be secure since there are a lot of scams out there now, especially with the internet.

Selling Services Via Bitcoin

There are things that you need to know about selling services via Bitcoin, and they are very important to remember. I will be discussing how to purchase Bitcoin and also how to sell them, with the help of the information I will be giving you it will help you greatly if you either want to sell or purchase Bitcoin. Let s start with how to purchase Bitcoin, shall we?

How to Purchase Bitcoin

Before we get started discussing how to buy bitcoins, here are some quick tips for you:

  • When installing a bitcoin wallet, remember to install one that is also available offline and also make sure that you put in a strong password so that you can protect it.
  • Pick one that is highly recommended by other users.
  • You should choose a payment method that you prefer.
  • Buy yourself some Bitcoins!

Find a Good Bitcoin Wallet

The digital wallets that exist in this world are used to keep the Bitcoin until you decide to spend the Bitcoin or even exchange for other currencies. These wallets range in their terms of features, the platforms that these wallets can be used on, and the security, so it is very important that you choose a digital wallet that works and suits you.

A way that you can get started is by using a digital wallet that is not linked to any exchange, so that way if ever the exchange that you want goes down or even becomes rammed with a bunch of traffic, with this you will still have ready access to all your Bitcoins.

The Right Bitcoin Trader Should Be Chosen

Exchange is a really good place to make your first-ever purchase of Bitcoin. There are thousands of different exchanges out there in the world, with also varying performance. Some of them are not that trustworthy than the others, and there are also some that are quite limited, so it is also very important that you pick an exchange that is right for you when you are starting. Even though there are some that aren’t really trustworthy out there, there are also some that you can really trust and have good reviews from other costumers. So, you won’t need to worry that much.

Select One of The Payment Methods

The exchanges accept a lot of different payment methods that are based on what you want to use. This is kind of a sore point for a lot of exchanges. There are some payment options that are used so that the sellers could be scammed for just a quick buck back in the past. Some websites allow both the bank account and card’s debit and credit transfers for every payment, and a single payment solution should be linked onto your account before you can make a trade.

Buy Yourself Some Bitcoins and Keep Them In A Wallet

Exchanges give you the information you need to know how much or how many Bitcoins you can purchase for a specific amount of money. One thing to keep in mind though due to its volatile nature, the prices of the Bitcoin can dramatically vary by the exchange from moment to another moment. This means even if you have plenty of cash to burn off, you will just probably be buying a Bitcoin’s fraction. There is nothing wrong or bad about it, and a lot of people tend to go for this route, and they will go down like a little, but wealthy people can purchase more than that.

Be Ready to Use Your Bitcoin

Whether you are planning in ultimately selling your Bitcoins or use them so that you can see the thing that you desire, you should be ready to do it at a notice of the moment. The way the value of Bitcoin fluctuates, it is important that your end game should be ready and planned out very early. You should prepare setting an account for selling purposes now or try to figure out how you can but what you desire before you actually try to plan it out. With that, when the time has come, you will not experience a panicked rush while other people are trying to do what you are doing.

How to Sell Bitcoin

Setup Your Exchange Account

It is very simple to turn the bitcoins that you have earned to real money through a trusted exchange platform. These act as the middle man of the popular decentralized cryptocurrency by your bitcoins being sold. There are ones that are really popular and very well established, so I recommend those kinds of platforms.

It is very easy to sign up for your account on these platforms, though there are also some steps that you will have to run through. This will depend on what country you are in right now. You will need to comply with the different forms of their rules called “know your customer,” which probably means that you’ll be sending the website a certain form of your ID. Processing this may take some days.

One that you have created your account, you should link that bank account of yours to the platform so that when you make trades, you’ll get all of your cash with just a little hassle in every possible way.

The Bitcoin Earned Should Be Transferred to You Exchange Wallet

Now that you have kept your Bitcoins in a very secure wallet, you will need to send your Bitcoins to a wallet of exchange and store it there and ready for some sales. For beginners, there are exchange wallets that work in simple ways, so if you do not have that much knowledge in things like this, these wallets are the ones for you.

Now Place Your Sell Order

Now that you have your exchange account ready, your bank account is linked, and the Bitcoins that you have deposited to the exchange, it is the time that you make some sales.

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!

How Does Pay Per Sale Work?

Have you ever wondered about what pay per sale is and how it works? Pay per sale is becoming a whole lot more common now, especially with the internet being used, whether it would be at work if you’re just surfing through the internet at home. Anyway, before we head onto how exactly pay per sale works, let’s, first of all, get to know it and learn what it is.

When it comes to pay per sale, it is an online pricing system wherein the website owner or publisher is paid depending on the number of sales from advertisements. In simpler terms, the more people you lead to your website that also purchases something, the more money you’ll get. And another term that you can use instead of pay per sale is PPS.

Even though this process may seem very easy when it comes to explaining what it is, but how it works and the actual process may get kind of frustrating at times. And there are multiple kinds not pay per sales out there that does not only involve the internet. So, here are multiple kinds of pay per sales that you should read if you’re interested in this topic.

  • Telephone Call Tracking Pay-per-Sale

Remember when I said something about a pay per sale offline? Well, that pay per sale is this one. As you can probably tell from the name, this kind of pay per sale requires a telephone. This kind of pay per sale is also possible when it comes to meeting your clients in real life.

  • Affiliate Networks in Online Marketing

Affiliate networks are usually the ones who do offer the pay per sale business to other people. Affiliate networks are usually just a bunch of firms that will manage their client’s affiliates. There are four main or core roles when it comes to affiliate networks, so here they are.

  1. First of all, we have the publisher or otherwise known as the affiliate.
  2. We also have the merchant, which can also be called as the retailer or the brand.
  3. Then, we have the network.
  4. Last but not least, the customer.

Affiliate networks will connect the advertisers with the publisher or the owner of that website. It will then send the traffic the advertiser or merchant will need for the money or commission. Affiliate networks also most commonly have an upfront payment and a minimum monthly charge, which will be given to the advertiser as well.

  • Pay-per-Sale Search Engine Marketing

Pay-per-Sale Search Engine Marketing has a variety of pay per sales. What exactly does that mean? That basically means that the traffic source that they use is mainly from search engine traffic, just like when it comes to Google’s ad word system, this system was referred to as pay per click.

Now that you know all of the different kinds of PPS out there, you would probably want to know how it works and how to do it, especially if you are looking to do pay per sale. So, how exactly do you use pay per sale, and how exactly does it work?

  • Budgeting

Budgeting has always been a big and important part of our lives, especially when you own any kind of business. As a business owner, you’re going to need to figure out how much you are willing to pay for marketing. This part is just entirely your choice. There is, however, a minimum and a maximum to marketing. So, make sure you follow both of those.

  • Optimization

Most of the other businesses that you might hire for this will usually go to your website and pretty much just to check how it works and to better understand your business. This will make advertising your business to others so much easier if they fully understand your business and knows exactly how it works. Plus, if they do understand your business, they probably will make very interesting advertisements making it so that people will go to your website and hopefully purchase something.

  • Campaigns

This is just the part where that business makes an advertising campaign for their client, which could be you. What is an advertising campaign? An advertising campaign is a series of messages which will share a single theme or idea.

  • Reporting and Commission

Some businesses you can hire will also provide you with a report about how everything turned out. Although the date where you will get the report does vary depending on the business, they still will return to you, giving you the report on how much money was earned. You might get the reports within two weeks, three weeks, a month, who knows? Like I said earlier, this will depend on that business, and you probably won’t be able to change their mind about the date.

As a business owner, you probably do want to know how much profit you’re going to make and how much you’ll get from this. And if you are asking yourself this question, then we definitely do have the answer for you. So, how do you know how much you’ll make from doing this?

How much you’ll earn from this actually depends on a variety of things. It could be the number of things you’re selling, the kinds of things you sell, the duration of the campaign, and a few more reasons. There are a lot of things that you should consider when you’re thinking of how much you’re going to earn from hiring a business to do PPS for you.

It is also very important to find the perfect business to do PPS for you since you probably can’t really trust every single company or business out there, especially when it comes to the internet. So, you should definitely do a lot of research to all of the businesses out there that might stand out for you or any businesses out there that do seem trustworthy.

Earning Bitcoin Selling Digital Goods

Tell me, what do you picture when you think about the internet’s largest marketplaces? Maybe you purchase the toilet paper or coffee or just some home essentials that you have right now inside your home from Alibaba or Amazon. Maybe you visit eBay to buy collectible items that are hard to find or items that are second hand, Maybe you get handmade gifts from Etsy. These websites do focus on physical goods, but this is not what they can only do,

Think about it, where do people buy their eBooks? Okay, maybe you can still purchase on Amazon, but let’s just move on. How about the online courses? Codes for video games? Or the data bundles like the fonts or the presets of photo editing?

The marketplaces online don’t just sell physical goods. Digital goods can also be sold like physical goods, and there are a lot of places where you can buy and even sell them around a website.

If you want to earn Bitcoins by selling digital goods, you have come to the right place. Also, keep in mind that there are a lot of websites where you can sell digital goods and earn Bitcoins, so you won’t have to worry about that. With this, you will be able to earn Bitcoins by selling some digital goods.

A File Hosting

File hosting and also automatic delivery that is within a website that you can sell digital goods is a feature that people plan to create in the upcoming years though there is still some ice during the moment. In the meantime, if you are trying to sell gift cards or even game codes, you will need to send them to the people that want to purchase it manually when you have received your payment. For selling a file that the users will need to download, you will be hosting it somewhere.

You are able to host your files somewhere, for example, an external website or maybe a server that is your own, you can also use a storage service that is like Google Drive or Dropbox. These are paid services though they will allow you to set a single password to the file so that it can have some extra layering of security on people that can have access to it.

Once you have received the payment that you have been expecting, you can now share the link to your buyer, which they can click and will automatically download the file for them. Or, if you are trying to keep it just simple and the file that is being purchased is small enough, then inform the buyer that they need to give you an address and email so you can be able to send the file by email when the payment has been confirmed.

Make Your Listing

After having a plan for your hosting as well as sharing the digital product that you have, you may now make a listing on the website that allows you to sell digital goods. Make your new listing, and then under the type, you should select digital goods.

Now give it a really great title as well as it’s a description that is able to relate to the keywords that a lot of people may probably use in searching so that it can be found easily. Also, remember that you need to describe how you can send the file being purchased to the buyers when they have completed their purchase. It is also very helpful if you will include any type of instructions that they may need when setting up or when they are trying to install files if it is required.

Put at least a single great image that can describe the item like, for example, if you’re selling an eBook, how about a book jacket mockup or a music album’s cover art.

You can also add some tags to boost the ability of your item to be searched. Remember to include tags that are obvious that can relate to the item that you are trying to sell. Some examples are “music“ or “book“ if you want it to relate to broader categories, try something like “bluegrass “ or “fiction.”

Having a category can keep your shop well organized. If you are planning to sell both the music albums and eBooks, you will just need to type the category that is corresponding to your listing.

For the inventory and variants, they can be likely left blank. These are very much helpful to the things that we call physical goods where you can offer the exact same hat though in 3 different colors that are with a certain number only. It is worth it to make separate listing if the digital goods that you are trying to sell have variations.

The return policy, you will be able to set this up in whatever way you would like it to be. You can say that there are no refunds if the point of the price is just very low to the item or just perhaps give out a 100% satisfaction guarantee along with an option of a full refund.

Now, for the terms and conditions of the website that allows you to sell digital goods. You will be able to add them if you have some advisories or conditions that you want the buyers to be aware of for sure.

Lastly, select the coins that you would like to receive as a type of payment.

Share Your Item to the Website

Pretty self-explanatory, I’d say. You just need to share the digital good that you are trying to sell. A lot of people go to online markets since it is easier for them, so you won’t have a problem attracting especially with the tags that you put it. As I said with tags, it will be easier to find you.

That’s how earning Bitcoin selling digital goods! Thank you very much for reading.

Payment Gateway Explained

Bitcoin payment gateway can possibly get quite confusing, especially if you don’t know whatever you’re doing. So, today, we do hope that this article will pretty much just help you and make it so that you find this topic so much easier to understand. But before that, though, let’s talk about what bitcoin is and what a payment gateway is since those words are going to be crucial when it comes to the topic, as you can probably tell by the name.

So, what is bitcoin? How much is it worth? Bitcoin is basically a cryptocurrency created by Satoshi Nakamoto. It’s a digital kind of currency that does not have any kind of central bank. One person can send it to another. Bitcoin always has a change in it’s worth all the time, so I can’t say how much it’s worth exactly. But what I can tell you that even though I can’t say the exact amount, a single bitcoin is pretty much worth a lot of money. But it still is possible to get less than one bitcoin. You can even get a dollar worth of bitcoin if you really wanted to.

Moving on, let’s talk about what a payment gateway is. A payment gateway is a kind of merchant service that is provided by an e-commerce kind of application service provider who also authorizes credit cards, online retailers, and a ton more. It pretty much just facilitates any kind of online transaction using the transfer of information and a payment portal. I guess you could definitely think of it as a kind of credit card. Even though it does work pretty similar to how a credit card works, there are definitely some differences that you’re probably unaware of. So, let’s talk about their differences by learning how they work.

So, now, let’s talk about how a bitcoin payment gateway actually works. For example, let’s say that you buy something from a store using your credit or debit card at the counter, you do enter your PIN to purchase the item of your choice. When it comes to bitcoin, it does work very similarly to how the event I mentioned works. I guess you could say you pretty much do the same thing, but instead doing it in person, you do it on that store’s online site.

Now, you know how they pretty much just work. Let’s talk about the differences of both credit or debit card and bitcoin payment services since it can seem quite confusing to other people the actual differences of those two, so here they are.

  • Probably one of the main differences between the two is that credit cards are usually stored in your wallet and are used whenever you go out of your house and go somewhere to go shopping or eat. Meanwhile, with bitcoin, it is a digital currency that you can use to buy items online. So, you can’t really buy anything in real life with bitcoin unless you withdraw it or end up selling it to somebody for money.
  • Another difference that a lot of people who own bitcoin probably also know that the world out there isn’t really very open to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. So, you probably won’t be able to withdraw it from your local bank since they most probably don’t accept bitcoin in any way, shape, or form. So, ending up actually getting the money from your bitcoin can get quite frustrating since there aren’t many ways for you actually to get them in real life cash. But they’re still very useful when you make online transactions.
  • Credit and debit cards also have pretty things like fraud protection that bitcoin sadly does not have. So, if you’re worried about things such as fraud, then maybe bitcoin isn’t absolutely perfect for you.
  • Next up, we have that even though the community widely accepts both credit and debit cards, and almost every adult out there has it, and credit card companies do require you to pay a fee.

Those are pretty much just the main differences and what sets them apart from each other. Going ahead to another topic, let’s talk about choosing the right bitcoin payment gateway service for you.

If you’re looking for any kind of service, you’d probably be going and be looking for the most trustworthy ones out there. So, here are a few qualities or features that you should look for.

  • One of the things that a lot of people probably do worry about the most is whether it’s fraud or if it’s actually possible to trust. So, looking for the right service that offers both no cashback and no frauds is definitely something that you should look for on their website. But when it comes to services that have high ratings and one that seems like you can trust, even if it doesn’t say any fraud or cashback, why not take the risk?
  • Even though we’re mainly talking about bitcoin over here, it’s always good to find a service that offers other cryptocurrencies as well, such as zcash and Ethereum. So, if you do end up getting a different kind of cryptocurrency, then you don’t have to go for another service too. It’s also great if they will be able to offer their services to people who speak different languages. Juts finding a payment gateway service that provides for most of the people out there would be great.
  • Finding a service that offers a very easy checkout process with almost no coding at all is a good choice if you don’t like coding or if you don’t know a single thing about coding.

There are so many more things to look for in a bitcoin payment gateway service, but we’re sadly out of time. So, I do hope that this article helped you to not only understand bitcoin and bitcoin payment gateways but also helped you find the perfect one for you.

Cryptocurrency Payments

In the early days of goods and services, exchanges used to take place exclusively through a barter system. This means that people used to agree on the value of each other’s goods, and trade them with each other. There were numerous inconsistencies and issues, which meant that a universally accepted value system was needed.

Compounds such as salt were considered and used by some people (such as the Romans) to varying degrees of success. As time passed, money became accepted as the universal method and it has been that way for years.

Less than a decade ago, however, the idea of cryptocurrencies caught on with many. These are electronic forms of currency that provide a secure and encrypted method of exchange. Cryptocurrency payments were initially rare, and they were not accepted by many entities.

As the value of currencies such as Bitcoin appreciated, and as more people began to believe in and accept their value, they became more widely accepted.

Now, cryptocurrency payments are being used for private and corporate transactions around the world as a lucrative form of alternative currency.

This means that there is now more variety in the type of goods and services that cryptocurrencies can be used to pay for. One of the more recent such services is content access.

This is made possible through cryptocurrency lockers, which allow content creators to attach cryptocurrency values to links, music, video, games, etc. Persons willing to make use of the content must meet the value requirements to “unlock” the content.

This pay per download method is secure, and it allows the content creators to receive the compensation they deserve for their creative efforts.

These alternative currencies are expected to become even more widely accepted as time passes. The belief in this is one of the reasons newer such currencies continue to emerge.

Pay Per Download

Almost as early as people learn to use the internet, they learn the usefulness of the ability to download files of various formats. Music, videos, games, etc., are downloaded daily around the world.

These files originate from various content creators who deserve to be compensated for their efforts in creating these files, for enjoyment and use by the world. Traditionally, these files were either made available freely, or they were made available at a cost that was quoted in a monetary currency such as US dollars.

While this is still a very popular manner of payment, the emergence of cryptocurrencies have opened a new possibility for these content creators to get the compensation they deserve.

These currencies such as Bitcoin provide an alternative, secure payment method, for the exchange of goods and services.

Innovations such as cryptocurrency lockers allow content creators to setup a reliable method of offering their creations to the world. With these lockers, they have a secure space built on cloud technology, which can be used for the upload of files for download by the public.

These files are then assigned a cryptocurrency value that interested parties must pay per download. Upon payment of the required fee, the file is then provided to the purchaser.

Of course, deciding to use cryptocurrency as the standard for payment means accepting the possibilities that come with the fluctuations in value. While this creates an air of uncertainty, you should remember that currencies such as Bitcoin have maintained a value that is much higher than that of the US dollar for years.

Cryptocurrency lockers are designed to be simple to setup and use. They are intended for anyone who wants to be paid for their creations via Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc., as opposed to just those who have great technical knowledge about cryptocurrencies.

Consider the pay per download model if you’re looking to get paid with a lucrative and alternative currency.

How does Pay Per Sale work?

There was a time when the idea of paying for goods or services with cryptocurrencies seemed farfetched at best. While it is not a universally accepted payment method at the time of writing, currencies such as Bitcoin have caught on to a massive degree. This remains true despite the massive fluctuations in their value.

Many people see the value in owning cryptocurrencies, which means they come up with unique ways for themselves and others to do so. One of the most revolutionary is the idea of a cryptocurrency locker.

This allows for content creators to not only secure their applications, products, files, links, etc., but it also allows them to earn cryptocurrency from said content.

A cryptocurrency locker is a pay per sale system that leverages ecommerce technology, in tandem with currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. These lockers can be used for virtually any digital content that you wish to make available to the public at a cost.

The locker prevents your website, or other content from being accessed without earning you revenue, if that is what you desire. The content doesn’t necessarily need to be downloadable to fit the pay per sale model. You could even shorten URLS then earn whenever a payment is used to successfully access your links.

The costs are all quoted in the cryptocurrency of your choice, and there is a variety of content that you can start earning from. Apart from offering the locker area, and a secure payment gateway for your visitors, a cryptocurrency locker provider may also include marketing tools that you can leverage, for effective promotion of your content. This is likely to lead to increased traffic, which means greater earning potential for you.

Whenever you are ready, you can cash out your earnings from your locker, and reap the benefits of your content.