Pay Per Download

Almost as early as people learn to use the internet, they learn the usefulness of the ability to download files of various formats. Music, videos, games, etc., are downloaded daily around the world.

These files originate from various content creators who deserve to be compensated for their efforts in creating these files, for enjoyment and use by the world. Traditionally, these files were either made available freely, or they were made available at a cost that was quoted in a monetary currency such as US dollars.

While this is still a very popular manner of payment, the emergence of cryptocurrencies have opened a new possibility for these content creators to get the compensation they deserve.

These currencies such as Bitcoin provide an alternative, secure payment method, for the exchange of goods and services.

Innovations such as cryptocurrency lockers allow content creators to setup a reliable method of offering their creations to the world. With these lockers, they have a secure space built on cloud technology, which can be used for the upload of files for download by the public.

These files are then assigned a cryptocurrency value that interested parties must pay per download. Upon payment of the required fee, the file is then provided to the purchaser.

Of course, deciding to use cryptocurrency as the standard for payment means accepting the possibilities that come with the fluctuations in value. While this creates an air of uncertainty, you should remember that currencies such as Bitcoin have maintained a value that is much higher than that of the US dollar for years.

Cryptocurrency lockers are designed to be simple to setup and use. They are intended for anyone who wants to be paid for their creations via Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc., as opposed to just those who have great technical knowledge about cryptocurrencies.

Consider the pay per download model if you’re looking to get paid with a lucrative and alternative currency.